Building our brand

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

This week has been a pretty long week for us here at Bleedin’ Saor. Launching a brand is no joke and that's something we’ve all learned over the past few months and more so in the past week.


Today we wanted to share how we went about building our brand, right from the very beginning until now.

We were very lucky in that the whole project came about in the form of an internship (placement). The foundations were already laid out and we just had to build the walls.

Our project began as the Bloody Big Project, a project geared towards putting an end to period poverty.

The project would involve various aspects containing different objectives from the four partnership companies; Wire, Women’s Network at Edinburgh Napier University, Hey Girls and AFRIpads.

  • We would involve ourselves in Wire’s nationwide roll out of the Bloody Big Brunch as well as designing and executing three university based Bloody Big Brunch events (the first of their kind).

  • We would design a system to support the provision of free menstruation products at Edinburgh Napier University.

  • For Hey Girls we would design and prototype product dispensers and help them to expand into the corporate market.

  • We would also visit AFRIpads in Uganda to pitch solutions and evaluate global strategies of sustainable, social enterprise in tackling period poverty.

Alongside this we would also run a large-scale social media campaign that would help to break the stigma surrounding menstruation and period poverty.

The whole project was to be documented in two forms; through a blog and through a documentary.


To allow ourselves space to grow and develop our own identity we rebranded the project as Bleedin' Saor, translated as bleedin' free or without barriers.