Menstruation station; Launch Day!

It's been a little while since we lasted posted but we have a good reason, we promise!

Last week we were super busy preparing for all that this week would bring.

On Monday we launched the menstruation stations across all three university campuses. This was a very exciting but scary moment for us. The night before felt like Christmas Eve, we spent it tossing and turning filled with excitement and nerves.

Our day began early, we headed off to deliver our dispensers to Sighthill, the furthest campus from the centre of town but arguably the largest. We had an excellent time at Sighthill and even got to take part in a photoshoot arranged by our dear friends in the marketing team.

This made launch day even more 'real' for us.

We then moved to setting up the dispensing station. Our temporary dispenser solution aims to normalise sanitary products by putting them front and centre. We wanted the products on show so that people begin to realise they're nothing to be scared of.

We then made our way through Merchiston before finishing our very long day at Craiglockhart.

If you have any thoughts on the temporary dispensers don't hesitate to contact us through our contact page or social channels!