Menstruation Station; the initial stages

A large portion of our project is to design sanitary product dispensers for both the university and Hey Girls.

We're just in the initial stages of this at the moment but thought it might be interesting to show the process which we're going through to get to the end products.


We began with research; at the university we looked into the existing solution, a ghastly cupboard that only makes us feel smaller than we are instead of building us up during the time of the month we're feeling a little more worse for wear. The problems? It's hidden away, it's dark, it displays no product information, it is not clear for purpose and getting down onto your hands and knees to reach into it makes you feel like you're stealing something.

We want our new dispensing system to build women up and empower them, to show the products off, to normalise viewing them and open up a platform for discussion and conversation.

The Hey Girls dispensers are more of a re-design. The current solution is clear pick-and-mix style containers which function perfectly but don't share the brand's values. For these we'll be looking at the Hey Girls brand and designing a dispenser that carries forth their message.


This past week we've been looking into initial designs.

The result of a team brainstorming session.

We've been putting our heads together to really try and design a dispenser that achieves what we're wanting it to do. Our combined efforts produced the chaos above.

From here we'll begin to look into creating sketch models and refining the designs further.